Lars Kivig, (Born 17. November 1976 in Roskilde, Denmark.) is a Danish musician, composer, producer and label owner of Vicious Records. Kivig has been composing and performing in several prominent music groups in Copenhagen, Denmark since 1997, including among others, MY BELOVED, Acorn Falling, SKAMBIDT, Kivig_Gniben, Eocæn and Black Water White Sea. Touring Europe and China with his band projects and contributing with music to documentaries and TV programs on the Danish national TV and radio.

With more than 2 decades in the music industry Lars Kivig is experienced in all aspects of creating, performing and releasing music. From composing, recording, mixing, producing and mastering. To release records, distributing, selling music and performing live.

Lars have made music and soundscapes for short films, music videos, TV documentaries and radio shows. Released more than 16 full lengths album and toured Europe and China with his band projects. With modular synthesizers, piano, guitar, vocals, computer and home made instruments, the settings are clear to produce special sounds, effects and songs designed to fit a specific movie, scene, installation, game or setting.

Lars started playing the piano at the age of 7, formed his first band, KIMO at the age of 11, playing mainly 50’s and 60’s rock classics. Leading the school band during elementary school playing mainly synths and piano. Creating sound collages and mix tapes on cassette tapes in the mid/late 80’s, while attending piano lessons.

Lars went to a music high school at the Danish island, Samsø in the mid 90’s. and became the synth player of MY BELOVED in 1997. MY BELOVED became Lars’s main project and musical outlet for many years to come (still is today), touring and making new albums. MY BELOVED has contributed music to TV documentaries, Radio shows and music videos. See for more.

In 2009 Lars started a project called, Acorn Falling, focusing more on sound art, experiments and sound design. Experimenting with more electronic means and hand picked guest musicians to create, out of this world soundscapes and expressions. After the release of the debut album “Cabinet of Curiosities” Lars was headhunted to played the prestigious Roskilde Festival in 2011 together with Thomas Wydler (The Bad Seeds), John Contreras (Current93) and Søren Skov. More Acorn Falling albums has been made since then and the process opened up several branches of new experimental projects and collaborations. See, for more.

The experimental and electronic approach became even more prominent in Lars’ work after using Eurorack moduler synths in 2017. Since 2017, Lars has been working with and been releasing full lenghts album in electro and electro-acoustic settings. In genres like Dark Ambient, Industrial, Music Contrete and Avant-Garde, projects like SKAMBIDT, BLACK WATER WHITE SEA, Kivig_Gniben, AS2O3, EOCÆN and Electrovert, have emerged.

In 2018 and 2019, Lars was invited to collaborate with the Danish Electro scene, contributing on a compilation series from Danish Electro, “Vol.3 and Vol.4”.
Lars Kivig is now considered a hybrid composer and performer within the realms of experimental and expressive rock and electronics.

The sounds and music by Lars Kivig is a perfect match for the more abstract and darker media productions that wants a personal expression without compromising on quality, varity and depths.

This Bio will be regularly updated.