With a focus on sound design, synthesis, experiments and expressive art, Lars Kivig creates accordingly to the purpose. Composing, mixing, producing and mastering. Contact for more info.

Lars Kivig is a musician, composer, mixer and producer located in Copenhagen, Denmark.
He is the founder of Vicious Records, Acorn Falling, As2O3, Black Water White Sea, KIVIG_GNIBEN, EOCÆN, Skambidt and Electrovert. Lars is also a composer and member of MY BELOVED since 1997.

With more than 2 decades in the music industry Lars Kivig is experienced in all aspects of creating, performing and releasing music. From composing, recording, mixing, producing and mastering. To release records, distributing, selling music and performing live.

Lars have made music and soundscapes for short films, music videos, TV documentaries and radio shows. Released more than 14 full lengths album and toured Europe and China with his band projects. With modular synthesizers, piano, guitar, vocals, computer and home made instruments, the settings are clear to produce special sounds, effects and songs designed to fit a specific movie, scene, installation, game or setting.

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