Skambidt is a dark, experimental and electronic endeavor. Founded in 2018 by Lars Kivig who has been a highly active figure in the Copenhagen underground scene since 1997. Kivig is also the synth/piano-man and co-composer in the +26 year old Danish, instrumental music-noir band, My Beloved. He is the founder of Vicious Studio & Records and the experimental, Acorn Falling that includes collaborations with amongst others, The Bad Seeds drummer, Thomas Wydler and Tuxedomoon’s belated Peter Principal.

It’s an exciting journey through the uncharted territories of electronic music, where darkness and experimentation intertwine to create a truly unique listening experience.
– Death or Desire (US)

The 13th of October 2023 Skambidt released the 3rd official album called, Ætsende Sjæl (Corrosive Soul). Presenting a new approach to the dark, wide and deep array of audio soundscapes that blends dark ambient, sound-art with an omnipresent foundation of instability and insecurity in the space between life and death. 

Skambidt’s evolution is evident in this release, as Lars Kivig explores a newer, more electronic-based direction. Armed with modular synths and a highly technical setup, Kivig crafts soundscapes that venture beyond the ordinary.

Ætsende Sjæl is featuring several prominent guest artists. Kristof Hahn (Swans) on Lap Steel Guitar, Thomas Wydler (The Bad Seeds) on drums and percussion, Meagan Palmer (The Dream Lovers) on vocals, John Contreras (Current 93) on cello.

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