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Lars Kivig delivers sounds and music to the more abstract, emotional, and strange sides of productions and art. Inspired by both classical, jazz, rock and electronic sub-genres, Lars Kivig creates on top and mix accordingly to the purpose. is a personal website for the musician, artist and sound engineer, Lars Kivig.
With a focus on sound design, synthesis, sound experiments and expressive art,

Lars Kivig has released 14 full lengths album throughout 23 years in the art underground of Copenhagen, Denmark. Soundscapes for documentaries and background music for national radio and TV programs on DR (Danish Radio). Prominent band projects like, MY BELOVED, Acorn Falling, As2O3, Kivig_Gniben, Electrovert, and tours in both Europe and Asia.

With modular synthesizers, piano, guitar and home made wooden instruments, the settings are clear to produce speciel sounds, designed from the bottom to fit a specific emotion, picture or setting.